Roro Kuning Waterfall

Waterfall Roro Kuning. Being in the Village Bajulan, District Loceret, Nganjuk, Roro Kuning Waterfall has great potential to be a mainstay tourism area. Realizing this, the Government Nganjuk districts continue to develop by building support for the region better known by public. Area this tour is located about 30 km south Nganjuk. The road leading to it have also been paved, and can be reached by four wheel vehicles non bus. However, many visitors who choose to use two-wheeled vehicles.

This waterfall is also still very natural. Attracted by the naturalness of this, many groups of nature lovers who do the activities here, such as camping or hiking. Climbing is usually done from Roro Kuning Waterfall Pacoban Ngunut to the waterfall which is about 4 km.



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