Watu Ondo Waterfall

Watu Ondo is located in Ngancar village, Plaosan District. This Watu Ondo Waterfall as part of Waterfall tourism object area that developed by Magetan regency government. Watu ondo waterfall is part of near area waterfall pundak kiwo and jarakan

This waterfall is located about 600 metres from the entered gateway.

Watu Ondo waterfall is very beautiful waterfall, because it is passing rocks which arranged properly like stairs. That’s why this waterfall called Watu Ondo, Watu in english means rock and Ondo means stairs.

To reach the waterfall, it is not too difficult. In fact, half of the trip can be done using four-wheeled vehicle and two wheels. During the trip to the waterfall, there are exciting scenery. Various vegetables flourish in the right and left the road to the waterfall. that may be rare in the city. You can also dip your toes into the cool clear water and fresh which is used for irrigating crops.



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