Srambang Waterfall

Srambang waterfall located at The foot of Mount Lawu, precisely in the District Jogo-Rogo, Ngawi, East Java. Not easy to reach location of the waterfall. In addition to the steep path, visitors also have to pass through a grove of wild flowers grow under pine forest.

Sometimes visitors must also be along the river and past the large wooden bridge marks the fallen tree. But the sacrifice that will soon disappear when it reached the location. Cold air and splashing waterfalls immediately ambushed.

Waterfalls visited Srambang many visitors every day off. In addition to local visitors also many tourists from out of town and foreign tourists.

To be able to enjoy the atmosphere of an unspoiled nature, every visitor fee is Rp 2,500. Unfortunately, tourism has not received attention from local governments.


Setancak Waterfall

This waterfall is located in the village Mojosari, sub Asembagus, Situbondo. With long travel approximately 3-4 hours from downtown. Setancak waterfall taken from the local word is the word "Tancak" (in the language of Madura), which means the water is gushing.

This illustrates the origin of the formation of Setancak waterfall coming out of the soil that came out suddenly. Setancak waterfall has a height of ± 8 m and 10 m wide reach, so it is not surprising that Setancak waterfall has a discharge flow of 80 liters / sec.

To achieve these attractions you have to travel 5 km to the four wheel drive, 3 km with two-wheeled vehicles, and about ± 2 km on foot. So for those of you who like walking tours, this object is the right choice.

In addition to scenic waterfall, in this place, you will be treated with other interesting sights, namely Swallow bird populations in addition to the waterfall. It is said that this is a waterfall baths Setancak birds swallow it.

This interesting incident you can see in at 06.00 AM (morning) and at 17.00 pm


Panorama Kare, Madiun

Trip from Madiun to Kare may be very tiring on the side of his way to curry the rather distant and winding road as well. But take it easy for you who want to visit there because in addition to the course that is still hilly but you also get treated to the exotic sights of nature that exist in the "Kare"". Because in addition to the fresh air is also a lot of attractive natural scenery.

For those of you who like the natural feel may be interested because there are still save the scenery beautiful waterfall that is still rare visitors. But if you've seen him be satisfied with its beauty. Because of the beautiful scenery that is given by the waterfall Seweru / Kedung Malem . Perhaps for those of you who like to travel love to the left.



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