Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

Tawangmangu is a district in Karanganyar regency, Central Java-Indonesia. This areais very famous because it’s very cool.

Tawangmangu known as mountain tourism in the west slope of Mount Lawu that can be applied to the land vehicle for about one hour from Surakarta (Solo). This place since the Dutch colonial period has been a place of travel. The main destination object is Grojogan SewuWaterfall (65 m high). In the resort are available to support a variety of tourism facilities such as swimming pool and various forms of accommodation. Tawangmangu can start from climbing to the top of Mount Lawu (Post Cemorokandang).


Bromo Sea of Sand

This is a scene we can see from the top of bromo, from the top we could see the ocean of sand under the mountain bromo because if we want to climb the bromo mountain. Sea of sand to pass through the mountain range is bromo with the hotel not too far but if we bromo mountain to climb by foot hany it may be very tired. Should we rent a hardtop that provided by residents around bromo. so we do not need to tired of walking if you want to climb bromo, and make up the horse who also was there to provide a horse to escort visitors to Mount bromo.

Bromo Crater

We can see the crater is close to bromo mountain after we had climbed the ladder and get to the
peak of the mountain bromo but if we do not get too close to our distance to bromo crater because
of the smell of sulfur have been very strong, so dangerous for our bodies to be if possible we
should be on the safe area to see the crater. The crater in the mountain bromo an active volcano
crater because the smoke is still a very strong sulfur that can be harmful to the body but above
the top of the existing fence if we want them to see the crater. And also if we see from the top of
the smoke issued bromo very thick, and on the edge of the crater we saw a lot of liquid sulfur
and the bending of bromo mountain soil is very good, And in our time on the summit bromo winds so strong that we could feel the air around mtheountains is very cool and fresh, but if the crater is certainly aromo sulfur, whereas if we were on top of bromo not too close to the crater we could feel cool air in the mountains because the area was surrounded by many mountains bromo not only bromo mountain alone but many small mountains surrounding bromo. but to once again do not go near dangerous
for the body, the view from the top of the bromo was very good and attracted a good view we
can see from the top of it.


Sun Rise in Bromo

This view can be seen at bromo mountain after we had climbed the stairs and we've been through the journey through the sea of sand using a rented jeep by the people around bromo. Air at the time is very cold, and we must use the jacket so as not to chill after that we have to wait a while for the jeep was really ready to take us up to Mount bromo. Then we should be told through the first steps of a quite high and after the peak it reached a very happy and after waiting a while could finally see the sun rise in the bromo and very nice scenery and lots of visitors who see the sun rise on good bromo come from Indonesia or overseas tourists

Wooww..!! Sun Set

For us who come in the evening do not be disappointed if it could not see the sun rise in the bromo because in the afternoon at the scene bromo also still very attractive, but if it's not too much daylight as hot weather may still be better if we want to climb the peak to come late in the afternoon because maybe we could get a good view at sunset moment at sunset is very good if we see from the top of bromo.


Beatiful View

The cloud and mist covering the Bromo Mountain.

To view this, you have to climb Mount Pananjakan which is the highest mountain in this area. Field that must be passed to go to Mount Pananjakan is heavy. To reach Mount Pananjakan, you have to go through desert-like area that can make you lose. When should ascend Mount Pananjakan, there are narrow roads and many hairpin bend of which require high skills at the wheel. For that, many visitors choose to rent a car HARDTOP (jeep type car) be steered by the surrounding communities. Surrounding communities come from the tribe of the Tengger-friendly with the visitors.

Indah AlamKu Indah Negri Ku

Anyone who visits Java cannot fail to be impressed by the string of volcanoes which dominate the skyline of much of the island. I finally got round to climbing the first of the big ones in 2009 and before long I realised that with a little bit of careful planning I could get to the top of all 12 of the 3000m peaks marked on the Nelles map of Java

Although no special equipment is required other than a good pair of shoes, a couple of torches with spare batteries (and a small kerosene stove for the longer visits), these are serious mountains and every year a number of Indonesians collapse and die on them; some wander off the paths, while others are not prepared for the cold nights where the temperature may fall to near freezing near the summits. For practical reasons, it makes sense to undertake expeditions all the peaks tend to cloud up during the day and the best time to reach a summit is probably at dawn - personally I do not enjoy climbing in the dark as many of the trails are in poor condition owing to overuse. The question of access/permission/registration to climb is a very grey area, in some cases, you very definitely need an official permit, in other cases you can just pitch up and go. For most of the volcanoes, there is a point at which you can register your presence and this obviously makes good sense from a safety point of view.

In some cases you would be wise to take a local guide (usually these can be recruited on the spot for U$10 a day or so), for others a small group of 2 or 3 can climb independently, especially the more popular peaks where there are always crowds of Indonesian students (and their rubbish). NEVER go out on one of these mountains alone and always take sufficient water - in just a few cases water is available on the climb. Instant noodles are a staple of local climbers while it makes sense to take along high energy food items such as nuts, chocolate and bread.



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