Ranu Pane, Ranu Regulo and Ranu Kumbolo

Mount Semeru is the tallest volcano on Java island, the mountain is one of the active volcano which is situated at an altitude of 3676 meters above sea level.
The crater at the summit of Mount Semeru (Mahameru) Saloko Jonggring known that always accompanied the smoke spewing volcanic material. In the highest mountain slopes, there is a lake that has spectacular views and the exotic, namely Ranu (lake) Kumbolo. Many beautiful views towards the top of Semeru, one of whom is Ranu Kumbolo. Usually the climbers who want to travel toward the top of Semeru will take a rest or set up a tent by the lake that this exotic.

To go to Ranu Kumbolo, tourists can travel through or Lumajang Malang, East Java.

From the terminal Malang, can ride public transportation to the village and stopped at the terminal Intercropping Intercropping. Then the trip continued with a ride trucking vegetables or using a jeep (SUV) are rented by people around heading to Ranu Pani.

Before heading to Ranu Pani, tourists should stop by the post TNBTS in Gubugklakah to get permission to climb.

If the tourist departed from Lumajang, they need to go to Ranu Pani village in District Senduro using private vehicles or ride motorcycles around Senduro market.

Tourists or climbers who set out from Lumajang Semeru must obtain a permit from the postal TNBTS in Ranu Pani village.

Travel to Ranu Kumbolo do need a strong physical and supplies are adequate, so that tourists have to prepare everything well.

The view along the way to Ranu Kumbolo very spectacular, but the climber must remain vigilant and cautious.

From the post TNBTS in Ranu Pani, can travel about 5 miles down the overgrown hillside Edelweiss, then you will arrive at Watu Rejeng. Here there are steep stone is very beautiful.

Very beautiful scenery can also be seen toward the valley and the hills, and is overgrown with fir and pine forest. Sometimes hikers can see the wisps of smoke from the top semeru.

Travel from heading toward TNBTS Ranu Pani Ranu Kumbolo takes about five to six hours, depending on the ability of each tourist.

In Ranu Kumbolo, hikers can set up a tent or resting in a hut climbers (shelter).

Climbers can also enjoy the beautiful scenery on the shores of the lake where the water is clean and clear. There are many fish and wild grouse there.

The view that you should not miss on the edge of Ranu Kumbolo is at sunrise (sunrise) appeared from behind a hill. Panorama exotic and riveting at Ranu Kumbolo will not be forgotten by climbers or tourists who've been there.

Ranu Kumbolo located at an altitude of 2400 masl with an area of 14 hectares. It's really quite beautiful scenery there.

That the route Semeru route that must be passed, among others, Ranu Pani Ranu-Watu Rejeng-Kumbolo-Oro-oro Ombo-Cemoro Cage-Pot-Sumbermani-Kalimati-Arcopodo-Cemoro Single-Mahameru.

"TNBTS usually close the route to Semeru during the rainy season for fear of landslides and storms occurred that could endanger the climbers.



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