Roro Kuning Waterfall

Waterfall Roro Kuning. Being in the Village Bajulan, District Loceret, Nganjuk, Roro Kuning Waterfall has great potential to be a mainstay tourism area. Realizing this, the Government Nganjuk districts continue to develop by building support for the region better known by public. Area this tour is located about 30 km south Nganjuk. The road leading to it have also been paved, and can be reached by four wheel vehicles non bus. However, many visitors who choose to use two-wheeled vehicles.

This waterfall is also still very natural. Attracted by the naturalness of this, many groups of nature lovers who do the activities here, such as camping or hiking. Climbing is usually done from Roro Kuning Waterfall Pacoban Ngunut to the waterfall which is about 4 km.


Gracefulness of Semeru Mountain

Mount Semeru or Sumeru is the highest volcano in Java, with its peak Mahameru, 3676 meters above sea level. The creater at the summit of Mount Semeru Saloko Jonggring.

In 1913 and 1946 Crater Jonggring Saloka have dome with a height of 3744.8 M until end November 1973. On the south, the dome is broken edge of the crater caused lava flows towards the south side of the covering area and Candipuro Pronojiwo in Lumajang.

It takes approximately four days to climb the peak of Mount Semeru round-trip. To climb the mountain semeru can be reached the town of Malang or Lumajang. From the city unfortunate we ride public transportation to the village Tumpang. Connected again with a jeep or truck there is lots of vegetables in the back of the tumpang market with cost per person 20,000, - until the Postal Ranu Pani.

Previously, we stopped at Gubugklakah to obtain permits, with details, license fees Rp.6.000, - to a maximum of 10 people, park entrance tickets Rp.2.000, - per person, per person Rp.2.000 Insurance, -

Using a vegetable truck or jeep journey starts from Tumpang to Ranu Pani, the last village at the foot semeru. Here there are checkpoints, there are also stalls and cottages. For climbers who bring tents are charged Rp 20,000, and if carrying a camera,tent also be charged Rp 5,000,. In this post we can also look for porters (local residents to help indicate the direction climbing, lifting goods and cooking). Climbers can also spend the night at the guard post. In Pos Ranu Pani also there are two lakes namely Lake Ranu Pani (1 ha) and Ranu Regulo lake (0.75 ha). Located at an altitude of 2200 (mdpl).

Having arrived at the gate "welcome", note continues to the left toward the hill, do not follow the broad road toward the farm population. In addition to the usual route passed the climbers, there is also a shortcut that is usually used by local climbers, this path is very steep.

Initial lane ramps, down a hillside dominated by reed plants. There are no signs pointing toward the street, but there are signs at every 100m distance measure. There are many fallen trees and branches above the head.

After walking about 5 km down a hillside overgrown with Edelweiss, and will arrive at Watu Rejeng. Here there are steep stone is very beautiful. Very beautiful scenery to the valley and the hills, and is overgrown with fir and pine forest. Sometimes smoke can be seen from the top semeru. To reach Ranu Kumbolo still have to travel about 4.5 km.
Ranu Kumbolo

In Ranu Kumbolo to set up a tent. There is also a hikers hut (shelter). There is a lake with water that is clean and has beautiful scenery, especially in the morning to watch the sunrise on the sidelines of hill. There are many fish, sometimes wild grouse. Ranu Kumbolo located at an altitude of 2400 m with an area of 14 ha.

From Ranu Kumbolo should prepare as much water as possible. Leaving Ranu Kumbolo then climb the steep hill, with beautiful views over the lake behind. In front of the hill lies a vast prairie called the oro-oro ombo. Oro-oro ombo surrounded by hills and mountains with beautiful views, wide meadows with pine-covered slopes of Europe. From behind the Mt. Kepolo looked peak Mt. Semeru wedus smoke spewing trash.

Further into the Pine forests where birds and deer sometimes encountered. This area is called Cemoro Cage.

Post Kalimati located at an altitude 2700 m, here to set up a tent to rest. Post this form of extensive grasslands on the edge of pine forest, so many available branches to build a fire.

There is a spring water source Mani, to the west (right) tracing Kalimati forest edges with a distance of 1 hour round trip. In Kalimati and in Arcopodo numerous mountain rats.

To go Arcopodo turn left (East), walk about 500 meters, then turn right (south) down the little meadow Kalimati. Arcopodo is 1 hour from Kalimati through pine forests which are very steep, with soils prone to landslides and dusty. Can we also camped at Arcopodo, but less stable soil conditions and frequent landslides. We recommend using goggles and cover your nose because a lot of fly ash. Arcopodo located at an altitude of 2.900m, Arcopodo is the last area of vegetation on Mount Semeru, the rest will pass through the dunes.

From Arcopodo to the top of Semeru takes 3-4 hours, past the dunes are very steep and easily degenerate. As a guide trip, at this point there are also several small triangular red flag. All luggage should stay in Arcopodo or in Kalimati. Climbing to the summit made the early morning at around 2:00 am from Arcopodo.

At noon the wind north toward the peak carrying poisonous gas from the crater Jonggring Saloka.

The climb should be done during the dry season ie June, July, August, and September. Should not climb in the wet season because of frequent storms and landslides.


Ranu Pane, Ranu Regulo and Ranu Kumbolo

Mount Semeru is the tallest volcano on Java island, the mountain is one of the active volcano which is situated at an altitude of 3676 meters above sea level.
The crater at the summit of Mount Semeru (Mahameru) Saloko Jonggring known that always accompanied the smoke spewing volcanic material. In the highest mountain slopes, there is a lake that has spectacular views and the exotic, namely Ranu (lake) Kumbolo. Many beautiful views towards the top of Semeru, one of whom is Ranu Kumbolo. Usually the climbers who want to travel toward the top of Semeru will take a rest or set up a tent by the lake that this exotic.

To go to Ranu Kumbolo, tourists can travel through or Lumajang Malang, East Java.

From the terminal Malang, can ride public transportation to the village and stopped at the terminal Intercropping Intercropping. Then the trip continued with a ride trucking vegetables or using a jeep (SUV) are rented by people around heading to Ranu Pani.

Before heading to Ranu Pani, tourists should stop by the post TNBTS in Gubugklakah to get permission to climb.

If the tourist departed from Lumajang, they need to go to Ranu Pani village in District Senduro using private vehicles or ride motorcycles around Senduro market.

Tourists or climbers who set out from Lumajang Semeru must obtain a permit from the postal TNBTS in Ranu Pani village.

Travel to Ranu Kumbolo do need a strong physical and supplies are adequate, so that tourists have to prepare everything well.

The view along the way to Ranu Kumbolo very spectacular, but the climber must remain vigilant and cautious.

From the post TNBTS in Ranu Pani, can travel about 5 miles down the overgrown hillside Edelweiss, then you will arrive at Watu Rejeng. Here there are steep stone is very beautiful.

Very beautiful scenery can also be seen toward the valley and the hills, and is overgrown with fir and pine forest. Sometimes hikers can see the wisps of smoke from the top semeru.

Travel from heading toward TNBTS Ranu Pani Ranu Kumbolo takes about five to six hours, depending on the ability of each tourist.

In Ranu Kumbolo, hikers can set up a tent or resting in a hut climbers (shelter).

Climbers can also enjoy the beautiful scenery on the shores of the lake where the water is clean and clear. There are many fish and wild grouse there.

The view that you should not miss on the edge of Ranu Kumbolo is at sunrise (sunrise) appeared from behind a hill. Panorama exotic and riveting at Ranu Kumbolo will not be forgotten by climbers or tourists who've been there.

Ranu Kumbolo located at an altitude of 2400 masl with an area of 14 hectares. It's really quite beautiful scenery there.

That the route Semeru route that must be passed, among others, Ranu Pani Ranu-Watu Rejeng-Kumbolo-Oro-oro Ombo-Cemoro Cage-Pot-Sumbermani-Kalimati-Arcopodo-Cemoro Single-Mahameru.

"TNBTS usually close the route to Semeru during the rainy season for fear of landslides and storms occurred that could endanger the climbers.


Ijen Creater

Ijen lies at the summit of Mount Ijen, which is one of a series of volcanoes in East Java such as Bromo, Semeru and Merapi. Mount Ijen is located on the east side of Mount Merapi (in East Java, there is also a mountain which has the same name as the mountain that is Mount Merapi, Central Java). Ijen Crater Tourism Region or Ijen Nature Reserve Nature Trail is located in the subdistrict of Greasy, Banyuwangi district and subdistrict Klobang, Bondowoso.

Ijen Crater lies at an altitude of 2368 meters above sea level. What is interesting is situated in the middle of this crater is the largest caldera on
the island of Java. Caldera size of about 20 kilometers. Size crater itself is around 960 meters x 600 meters with depth of 200 meters. This crater is located at a depth of more than 300 meters below the caldera wall.

Why Ijen Crater is one of the largest in the world's most acid? Do you know how many degrees of acidity (pH) of this crater? This crater has a very high level of acidity is close to zero so that it can dissolve human body quickly. In addition, the temperature of the crater that reached 200 degrees

centigrade increase amazed by this huge crater. However, behind the numbers that make these fears, it turns out this crater also presents a fascinating charm of beauty. The beauty of whatever you can get in the crater?


From the crater of Mount Ijen looks very beautiful. This crater is a large lake with a bluish-green mist and sulfur fumes very charming. In addition, cold air with a temperature of 10 degrees centigrade, the temperature could even reach two degrees Celsius, will add its own sensation. Various plants that exist only in the highlands you can also find, like Flowers Edelweis and Pines Mountain.

As the morning, when the sun began to shine crater area, the beautiful scenery you can enjoy. Ijen a bluish green color will be increased in the golden sunlight reflecting in the crater. Stunning scenery you can also get with the charm of beauty to see the nearby Mount Merapi. Mount Merapi has similarities with the shape of Mount Ijen. The most appropriate time to witness the beauty of Ijen is in the morning.

To reach Ijen, you have to down a path along the caldera cliffs. Do not forget to bring life cover because sometimes the sulfur smoke is blown through the track. You can also surround the caldera in the region which takes eight to 10 hours to reach on foot.


Seweru/Kedung Malem Waterfall

Not many people know about potential of nature tourism on the slopes of Mount Wilis. One of them is Kedung Night Waterfall located in the hamlet Seweru, Village Kare, Kare District, Madiun City.

Because in the hamlet Seweru the waterfall is also called by local villagers with Seweru Waterfall. This waterfall is also save a million exotic charm.

Its location behind the mountains and coffee plantation area, makes this waterfall is not known by many people.

This waterfall discovered accidentally by one of the local villagers who named Abi Ismani on 25 years ago. However, because the field is quite difficult, this waterfall is lost if swallowed by the elegance of Mount Wilis.

"However, the legends about Mbah Malem abused and thrown away in that area residents have been known by generations since 100 years ago. People do not think if there is a waterfall. That's why the waterfall is called Kedung night.

Recently, after local villagers led by the youth members of youth clubs, slowly but surely, Waterfall Kedung Night began to be known by many people. In fact, Madiun City Government in the near future plans to make this waterfall as the leading tourist attractions that highlight the naturalness.

Nature tourism object is located nearly 50 kilometers east of the City of Madiun. Located on the slopes of Mount Wilis to 400 meters altitude above sea level, making the path to the location of this waterfall is very challenging.

Given its location is still difficult to achieve and the situation is still very virgin, chances are there is no regular public transport serving the route to the waterfall.

From downtown Madiun, visitors are advised to drive private cars or motorcycles. Then, take the road to the area Dungus, District Wungu, then eastwards to the Kare, precisely in Hamlet Seweru.

To reach the location, it should be a little hard work. Condition of streets in the Village Kare many had not paved and is full of steep climbs. Only bicycles or motorcycles that can be freely.

The visitors are also advised to not ashamed to ask the citizens of surrounding villages, and if it is less sure about the roads that are impassable. The reason there are not many clear directions to get to the waterfall.

Arriving in the village where the waterfall is located, visitors only need to entrust the vehicle to the local population that has been managed by the youth of Rp2.000 rates, 00 any two-wheeled vehicles.

There has been no withdrawal of levy of development at the entrance to the trail to the waterfall. From the parking lot, visitors began to walk down the hill as far as almost a kilometer.

All the way to the waterfall, visitors will be treated to beautiful panoramas that can not be missed. But the steep road conditions, narrow, slippery, and many are not fenced security, make the visitor should be careful.

The reason this trail in direct contact with the steeply sloping hills. For nature lovers who like adventure, this place is the right choice.

"Guts the visitors still will be tested along the river that runs about 100 meters before reaching the waterfall.

Although, the river water not too deep and the current is not swift, however, visitors still have to be careful with the number of rocks that lay around the river. Boulders and solid in between the river's natural flow, will make the trip more challenging.

Evening Waterfall Kedung have reversed a handsome cliff with two waterfalls flow with a height of almost 30 meters. The water was clear and cold. Shade trees that surround the river and the cliff-cliff, making the atmosphere at the site is pretty cool waterfall.


Tirtosari Waterfall

The location of this waterfall is located in one area attractions located village of Telaga Sarangan Sarangan, District Plaosan, ofMagetan, East Java.

Tirtosari waterfall itself is about 2.5 miles from Lake attractions Sarangan which is about 16 kilometers from the City Magetan. Even the entrance to the waterfalls inside Tirtosari any Telaga Sarangan attractions.

To reach the waterfall Titosari, the first thing to do is enter the area attractions Telaga Sarangan first.

Meanwhile, Telaga Sarangan tourism is one that has been well known in East Java. Even Telaga Sarangan a mainstay attractions ofMagetan.

To reach Lake area Sarangan, from the City Magetan can be reached by private vehicles to the west as far as 16 kilometers.

Entering Sub Plaosan to enter the lake, the road taken is very challenging with steep climbs and derivatives as well as the winding. Occasionally looks farmland citizens and shady pine forest that grew along the road.

If using public transport, from Terminal Magetan, visitors can ride public transportation at the rate of Rp7.000, 2000.

As an alternative, can be reached from Karangaanyar regency, Central Java, because it is the location of Telaga Sarangan have in the border area of Central Java and East Java, on the slopes of Mount Lawu.

By paying a ticket for Rp4.100, 00 per person, visitors have been able to enter the Telaga Sarangan attractions. Does not include the tariff rates of the vehicle. And by adding more tickets for Rp3.500, 00 per person so the visitor can enjoy the freshness of waterfall Tirtosari.

The trip to the waterfall in part can be reached by car or motorbike from Telaga Sarangan, but the rest must be done on foot with enough terrain uphill path. Although the climb, the trail to the waterfall is included easily bypassed. Because the local government has built roads Magetan well.

"This field is suitable for visitors who like a challenge or get used up the mountain. But to the end of the public, considering the extra labor required height and level the slope of the hill climbs are passed to the waterfall Tirtosari.

Many villagers around a wooden stick offers rental services to help pedestrians reach the waterfall. Only the rate Rp1.000, 2000 has been able to get the stick.

Meanwhile, along the path to the waterfall, visitors will be served by natural beauty with views of hills and farming areas around the village's vegetables are colored with a very cold air.

Distance of 2.5 miles with an uphill terrain, the average is within walking distance with a time consuming one to one and a half hours.


Watu Ondo Waterfall

Watu Ondo is located in Ngancar village, Plaosan District. This Watu Ondo Waterfall as part of Waterfall tourism object area that developed by Magetan regency government. Watu ondo waterfall is part of near area waterfall pundak kiwo and jarakan

This waterfall is located about 600 metres from the entered gateway.

Watu Ondo waterfall is very beautiful waterfall, because it is passing rocks which arranged properly like stairs. That’s why this waterfall called Watu Ondo, Watu in english means rock and Ondo means stairs.

To reach the waterfall, it is not too difficult. In fact, half of the trip can be done using four-wheeled vehicle and two wheels. During the trip to the waterfall, there are exciting scenery. Various vegetables flourish in the right and left the road to the waterfall. that may be rare in the city. You can also dip your toes into the cool clear water and fresh which is used for irrigating crops.


Pundak Kiwo Waterfall

Pundak Kiwo waterfall is located Ngancar village, Plaosan District. This Pundak Kiwo Waterfall as part of Waterfall tourism object area that developed by Magetan regency government.

Pundak Kiwo Waterfall is located in the topmost part of all waterfalls in Ngancar village and become the big and high waterfall with the height about 45 metres. If see from the bottom, this waterfall is located at the left side of the mountain, so that it is famous called Pundak Kiwo.

Pundak Kiwo waterfall is located Ngancar village, Plaosan District. This Pundak Kiwo Waterfall as part of Waterfall tourims object area that developed by Magetan regency government.

Pundak Kiwo Waterfall is located in the topmost part of all waterfalls in Ngancar village and become the big and high waterfall with the height about 45 metres. If see from the bottom, this waterfall is located at the left side of the mountain, so that it is famous called Pundak Kiwo.

Stepping the way back from the line of waterfall arrangement, we will find a sanscript that is called Watu Ongko ( Watu means rock, and Ongko means number ). This sanscript is the heritage of Majapahit Kingdom. This is a written stone and an old grave that is cared by the society and used for ritual ceremony.

The other enchanment of this place is Anggrek Macan ( Anggrek means Orchid and Macan means tiger ) that lived in around Waterfall.

Visit Pundak Kiwo Waterfall In Magetan Tourism, East Java. Enjoy its scenery with your family, friends or the other.


Lawu Mountain

Mount Lawu (3265 m) lies on between Central Java and East Java,many save a million mysteries and legends.Mount Lawu also has a crater whose name is well known that Condrodimuko crater, believed to surrounding communities as a place that is brewing Raden Gatutkaca puppet character, one of the Five Pandawa. In these mountains are also many sacred places such as Spring Drajat, Argo Dalem, Argo Dumilah, Market Dieng, Telaga Yellow and many more. The mountain is also overgrown Edelweis flowers pink, yellow and white.That is beatiful flower live in peak of lawu.

To reach this area. From the direction of Surabaya to Madiun Magetan forwarded to the bus, then ride colt toward Sarangan (1286 m.dpl), from here we take the Colts down Tawangmangu majoring in Cemoro Sewu or Cemoro Cage. If the direction of Solo, we took a bus to Tawangmangu (1000 m.dpl), then board colt Sarangan stopped majoring in Cemoro Cage or Cemoro Sewu. Public transport / colt from Tawangmangu to Sarangan or somewhat difficult to find the reverse direction starting at 16:00 pm.

All public facilities such as hotels, shops that are closest in the tourist area is located 5 kilometers from Sarangan Cemoro Sewu or in Tawangmangu which is also a tourist spot. However, we can stay in the homes of the population. We can also meet the logistical needs in addition to climbing shops in the village gate this climb.


Kakek Bodo Waterfall, Tretes Pandaan

I would like to invite you to know and walk to Kakek Bodo waterfall Tretes, Pandaan.If you want to explore this mountainous region will be more feel good when driving slowly while enjoying the scenery around us.
Many stories about the origin of this waterfall called Kakek Bodo , one that I hear like this .. Once upon a long time ago there was a grandfather who spent the rest of his life to meditate near the waterfall. However, for some reason after completing a hermitage Kakek Bodo was actually a free fall from the top of the waterfall ... and people think what he did as an act stupid. Since then the waterfall known as the Kakek waterfall.

The trip to waterfalls will feel exhausting when done alone so it's best if you visit here should your family or your friend is more exciting and interest ... There are several streams of water flowing, so we had to roll pants up to her knees when we want to through the water. And also in here we can capturing the moment in Kakek Bodo with our camera.

In there Birds voice like competing with the sound of water that slammed .. Once you arrive Kakek Bodo Falls location fool you will be greeted with a splash of water as rain because the wind is quite strong here. So you can imagine the cold? If you do not want to approach the waterfall you can enjoy the waterfall from the gazebo surrounding Waterfall. Usually a lot of visitors who perpetuate themselves here.


Coban Talun, Batu Malang

Another tourist attraction in the Batu City Tour. Sensation Coban Talun waterfalls and Coban Rais is not only beautiful views from a distance. Nature tourism located in the hamlet Junggo, Tulungrejo Village, District Bumiaji, is also more exotic when seen a few inch of water falling from the location by a height of about 75 meters. Rumble of the water impact with the rocks below to add a waterfall spray sensation that feels as if his body flushed. To any location of the water fall will still be able to feel this sensation. The difference, the noise was only heard a little low.

coban Talun waterfalls, to enjoy the sensation of a waterfall spray Coban Talun and Coban Rais you must be patient to wait a while until there is wind. The wind will carry water droplets into the waterfall locations around the diameter of approximately 15 meters. If you carefully observe the scene around the location of this waterfall will increase because in addition to exquisite can enjoy the pounding roar of the waterfall, you can also watch a lot of rainbows. The sight was a rainbow of different colors will be seen in every corner.

To reach this area is not easy. In addition caution is required, also need extra energy. Visitors must pass through the rivers and the hills steep and winding. The path to the location is very narrow, slippery and steep. While on both sides along the trail was surrounded by a 2 km gap. Once through this area every now and then you had to grab branches and weeds that grow.


Coban Rondo Waterfall

Coban Rondo Waterfall is one of Indonesia’s tourism objects located around 12 km from Batu, East Java, Indonesia.

With its 80something height, Coban Rondo Waterfall is easy to looking for. Just ask peoples who live around Batu and they will let you know the way to go there. The access road to go to the location has been asphalted and still in good condition for any kinds of vehicles.

Coban Rondo environment full with pine trees and a lot of casuarina (a family of dicotyledonous flowering plants), make the atmosphere feel cool and fresh. Not only the waterfall available in Coban Rondo Waterfall, but you could see the beauty panorama of the Batu City from there, various healthy plants, various fauna, floras, and inn.

Coban Rondo Waterfall have a unique Javanese Legend. It seems, under the waterfall was gotten the residence cave of a woman was named Dewi Anjarwati. His husband, Raden Baron Kusuma fought against Joko Lelono, the young man who was interested would beauty of Dewi Anjarwati and will kidnap him. Raden Baron was killed in the battle and the wife him was hidden in the cave. Therefore this place was given by the name of the Coban Rondo Waterfall (the widow’s waterfall - in Indonesian is janda (widow), in Javanese widow means Rondo).

Kasembon Photo


Sunsets Mountain Hills

This scenery we can get in Selerejo Lake, in there we can see many good view from there, because in that place we can see not only Selerejo Lake, but in there we also can see mountains hills. And also many agriculture in there very largest to provide farmer to there society. Beside that condition in there is cool and fresh so is very interest if you want visit this place because have good place also in there provide facility to visitors if they want stay in there to feel good feeling in there....  

Selorejo Lake

Location Selorejo Lake located at Ngatang, Malang district. Reachable from Malang about 40 km or we can travel to location about one hours from malang. Travel from malang to Seleroje we can look approximately along the way the scenery is very beautiful hills. And also on the edge of selorejo we look many hills beside Selorejo Lake. Beside that Seleroje Lake have largest area and Selorejo Lake use to Power house to supply in area east java and area aroun the Lake. So Selorejo Lake is very intersted to visit if you come to malang city because in there also provide boat if we like to look many place around Selorejo Lake.

Sedudo Waterfall

Sedudo Waterfall located at Ngliman, Sawahan district. Reachable from Nganjuk about 30 km. The air is fresh and cool. This location is often visited by many of people especially during Suro, one of months of the Javanese year. An impressive waterfall of more than 100 metres high, Sedudo Falls - like many other falls, springs, and wells in Java is believed to be something of a fountain of youth. The district goverment and the public around, always held a traditional ceremony every Suro.


Sarangan Lake

This view is also located in eastern Java. If we want to climb the mountain there lawu can visit the lake. because Sarangan lake not far from the mountain lawu. where there are at the lawu mountain hill, and also the palace is very interst also in there we can enjoy with rent speed boat to around the palace so we can see more good scenery and we feel happy. and in there the palace also provide horse for visitor , in which like to ride horse so visitor can see scenery araoun the palace with horse, In there the air still fresh and cool but if you look the lake in summer weather

Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

Tawangmangu is a district in Karanganyar regency, Central Java-Indonesia. This areais very famous because it’s very cool.

Tawangmangu known as mountain tourism in the west slope of Mount Lawu that can be applied to the land vehicle for about one hour from Surakarta (Solo). This place since the Dutch colonial period has been a place of travel. The main destination object is Grojogan SewuWaterfall (65 m high). In the resort are available to support a variety of tourism facilities such as swimming pool and various forms of accommodation. Tawangmangu can start from climbing to the top of Mount Lawu (Post Cemorokandang).


Bromo Sea of Sand

This is a scene we can see from the top of bromo, from the top we could see the ocean of sand under the mountain bromo because if we want to climb the bromo mountain. Sea of sand to pass through the mountain range is bromo with the hotel not too far but if we bromo mountain to climb by foot hany it may be very tired. Should we rent a hardtop that provided by residents around bromo. so we do not need to tired of walking if you want to climb bromo, and make up the horse who also was there to provide a horse to escort visitors to Mount bromo.

Bromo Crater

We can see the crater is close to bromo mountain after we had climbed the ladder and get to the
peak of the mountain bromo but if we do not get too close to our distance to bromo crater because
of the smell of sulfur have been very strong, so dangerous for our bodies to be if possible we
should be on the safe area to see the crater. The crater in the mountain bromo an active volcano
crater because the smoke is still a very strong sulfur that can be harmful to the body but above
the top of the existing fence if we want them to see the crater. And also if we see from the top of
the smoke issued bromo very thick, and on the edge of the crater we saw a lot of liquid sulfur
and the bending of bromo mountain soil is very good, And in our time on the summit bromo winds so strong that we could feel the air around mtheountains is very cool and fresh, but if the crater is certainly aromo sulfur, whereas if we were on top of bromo not too close to the crater we could feel cool air in the mountains because the area was surrounded by many mountains bromo not only bromo mountain alone but many small mountains surrounding bromo. but to once again do not go near dangerous
for the body, the view from the top of the bromo was very good and attracted a good view we
can see from the top of it.


Sun Rise in Bromo

This view can be seen at bromo mountain after we had climbed the stairs and we've been through the journey through the sea of sand using a rented jeep by the people around bromo. Air at the time is very cold, and we must use the jacket so as not to chill after that we have to wait a while for the jeep was really ready to take us up to Mount bromo. Then we should be told through the first steps of a quite high and after the peak it reached a very happy and after waiting a while could finally see the sun rise in the bromo and very nice scenery and lots of visitors who see the sun rise on good bromo come from Indonesia or overseas tourists

Wooww..!! Sun Set

For us who come in the evening do not be disappointed if it could not see the sun rise in the bromo because in the afternoon at the scene bromo also still very attractive, but if it's not too much daylight as hot weather may still be better if we want to climb the peak to come late in the afternoon because maybe we could get a good view at sunset moment at sunset is very good if we see from the top of bromo.


Beatiful View

The cloud and mist covering the Bromo Mountain.

To view this, you have to climb Mount Pananjakan which is the highest mountain in this area. Field that must be passed to go to Mount Pananjakan is heavy. To reach Mount Pananjakan, you have to go through desert-like area that can make you lose. When should ascend Mount Pananjakan, there are narrow roads and many hairpin bend of which require high skills at the wheel. For that, many visitors choose to rent a car HARDTOP (jeep type car) be steered by the surrounding communities. Surrounding communities come from the tribe of the Tengger-friendly with the visitors.

Indah AlamKu Indah Negri Ku

Anyone who visits Java cannot fail to be impressed by the string of volcanoes which dominate the skyline of much of the island. I finally got round to climbing the first of the big ones in 2009 and before long I realised that with a little bit of careful planning I could get to the top of all 12 of the 3000m peaks marked on the Nelles map of Java

Although no special equipment is required other than a good pair of shoes, a couple of torches with spare batteries (and a small kerosene stove for the longer visits), these are serious mountains and every year a number of Indonesians collapse and die on them; some wander off the paths, while others are not prepared for the cold nights where the temperature may fall to near freezing near the summits. For practical reasons, it makes sense to undertake expeditions all the peaks tend to cloud up during the day and the best time to reach a summit is probably at dawn - personally I do not enjoy climbing in the dark as many of the trails are in poor condition owing to overuse. The question of access/permission/registration to climb is a very grey area, in some cases, you very definitely need an official permit, in other cases you can just pitch up and go. For most of the volcanoes, there is a point at which you can register your presence and this obviously makes good sense from a safety point of view.

In some cases you would be wise to take a local guide (usually these can be recruited on the spot for U$10 a day or so), for others a small group of 2 or 3 can climb independently, especially the more popular peaks where there are always crowds of Indonesian students (and their rubbish). NEVER go out on one of these mountains alone and always take sufficient water - in just a few cases water is available on the climb. Instant noodles are a staple of local climbers while it makes sense to take along high energy food items such as nuts, chocolate and bread.



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