Bromo Crater

We can see the crater is close to bromo mountain after we had climbed the ladder and get to the
peak of the mountain bromo but if we do not get too close to our distance to bromo crater because
of the smell of sulfur have been very strong, so dangerous for our bodies to be if possible we
should be on the safe area to see the crater. The crater in the mountain bromo an active volcano
crater because the smoke is still a very strong sulfur that can be harmful to the body but above
the top of the existing fence if we want them to see the crater. And also if we see from the top of
the smoke issued bromo very thick, and on the edge of the crater we saw a lot of liquid sulfur
and the bending of bromo mountain soil is very good, And in our time on the summit bromo winds so strong that we could feel the air around mtheountains is very cool and fresh, but if the crater is certainly aromo sulfur, whereas if we were on top of bromo not too close to the crater we could feel cool air in the mountains because the area was surrounded by many mountains bromo not only bromo mountain alone but many small mountains surrounding bromo. but to once again do not go near dangerous
for the body, the view from the top of the bromo was very good and attracted a good view we
can see from the top of it.


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