Tirtosari Waterfall

The location of this waterfall is located in one area attractions located village of Telaga Sarangan Sarangan, District Plaosan, ofMagetan, East Java.

Tirtosari waterfall itself is about 2.5 miles from Lake attractions Sarangan which is about 16 kilometers from the City Magetan. Even the entrance to the waterfalls inside Tirtosari any Telaga Sarangan attractions.

To reach the waterfall Titosari, the first thing to do is enter the area attractions Telaga Sarangan first.

Meanwhile, Telaga Sarangan tourism is one that has been well known in East Java. Even Telaga Sarangan a mainstay attractions ofMagetan.

To reach Lake area Sarangan, from the City Magetan can be reached by private vehicles to the west as far as 16 kilometers.

Entering Sub Plaosan to enter the lake, the road taken is very challenging with steep climbs and derivatives as well as the winding. Occasionally looks farmland citizens and shady pine forest that grew along the road.

If using public transport, from Terminal Magetan, visitors can ride public transportation at the rate of Rp7.000, 2000.

As an alternative, can be reached from Karangaanyar regency, Central Java, because it is the location of Telaga Sarangan have in the border area of Central Java and East Java, on the slopes of Mount Lawu.

By paying a ticket for Rp4.100, 00 per person, visitors have been able to enter the Telaga Sarangan attractions. Does not include the tariff rates of the vehicle. And by adding more tickets for Rp3.500, 00 per person so the visitor can enjoy the freshness of waterfall Tirtosari.

The trip to the waterfall in part can be reached by car or motorbike from Telaga Sarangan, but the rest must be done on foot with enough terrain uphill path. Although the climb, the trail to the waterfall is included easily bypassed. Because the local government has built roads Magetan well.

"This field is suitable for visitors who like a challenge or get used up the mountain. But to the end of the public, considering the extra labor required height and level the slope of the hill climbs are passed to the waterfall Tirtosari.

Many villagers around a wooden stick offers rental services to help pedestrians reach the waterfall. Only the rate Rp1.000, 2000 has been able to get the stick.

Meanwhile, along the path to the waterfall, visitors will be served by natural beauty with views of hills and farming areas around the village's vegetables are colored with a very cold air.

Distance of 2.5 miles with an uphill terrain, the average is within walking distance with a time consuming one to one and a half hours.


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