Lawu Mountain

Mount Lawu (3265 m) lies on between Central Java and East Java,many save a million mysteries and legends.Mount Lawu also has a crater whose name is well known that Condrodimuko crater, believed to surrounding communities as a place that is brewing Raden Gatutkaca puppet character, one of the Five Pandawa. In these mountains are also many sacred places such as Spring Drajat, Argo Dalem, Argo Dumilah, Market Dieng, Telaga Yellow and many more. The mountain is also overgrown Edelweis flowers pink, yellow and white.That is beatiful flower live in peak of lawu.

To reach this area. From the direction of Surabaya to Madiun Magetan forwarded to the bus, then ride colt toward Sarangan (1286 m.dpl), from here we take the Colts down Tawangmangu majoring in Cemoro Sewu or Cemoro Cage. If the direction of Solo, we took a bus to Tawangmangu (1000 m.dpl), then board colt Sarangan stopped majoring in Cemoro Cage or Cemoro Sewu. Public transport / colt from Tawangmangu to Sarangan or somewhat difficult to find the reverse direction starting at 16:00 pm.

All public facilities such as hotels, shops that are closest in the tourist area is located 5 kilometers from Sarangan Cemoro Sewu or in Tawangmangu which is also a tourist spot. However, we can stay in the homes of the population. We can also meet the logistical needs in addition to climbing shops in the village gate this climb.


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